WorkCentre 7970 Overview

If you need a new printer for your office then look no further than the Xerox WorkCentre 7970. This is your solution for the biggest print jobs you can expect. This is your multifunction printing solution for all your color and tabloid needs.

You will be able to accomplish more easier than ever thanks to the number of streamlined features that you get with the WorkCentre 7970. Xerox has worked to make printing easier than ever before. Hassling with your printer shouldn’t be part of your workday. That’s why the WorkCentre 7970 has a 9 inch color touch screen to help guide you through all your jobs.

The Color touchscreen will allow you to easily navigate whatever job you may be doing. It can help you optimize your print jobs so you can get the most out of your printer. The WorkCentre 7970 is a full color machine that can print up to 70ppm for both color and monochrome, and you should be able to utilize those features confidently.

You will also know that you jobs will be protected. The WorkCentre 7970 was set up with security experts and comes equipped with McAfee security. This will help to ensure that your documents are only accessible to those that you wish to see them.

Mobile access wll also be easier than ever before. Connect Key Technology allows you to access your files from anywhere and work on the go. Xerox understands the needs of the modern office have changed, and the WorkCentre 7970 was built with that in mind.