Who Should Lease a Copier

Banner-Copier-GalWhy Should I Lease A Copier?

If your business is in the market for equipment like a copier, it might be a good idea to consider leasing one instead of purchasing one. There are advantages to leasing copiers over a direct purchase of one.

Copiers Become Obsolete Quickly
High tech office equipment like copies can become obsolete very quickly. Capabilities of copiers change almost daily and they depreciate almost as quickly. A copier purchased five years ago cannot compete with a new machine. Leasing allows the owner the flexibility to upgrade and keep up with technology at a better rate than purchasing.

Tax Advantages
Like a car lease, copier leases often offer lower day-to-day costs, making for a better balance sheet for cost-conscious business owners. Similar to car leases too, a copier lease allows the business owner to trade in a copier and to upgrade to a newer, more efficient model more quickly than a purchase option. However, unlike cars, copies depreciate much faster. Accounting for such quick depreciation can also make leasing a more financially attractive offer with its tax advantages.

Indeed, when purchasing office equipment like copiers, business owners should evaluate the benefits of leasing over purchasing. Leasing offers tax and financial benefits and allows the business owner more flexibility.