Three Elements: How to Judge a Copier Contract

kyocera-copierWhen it comes to looking at a lease, you have to look at the big picture. Just because something seems cheap at first does not mean that it will actually be the best choice. In many cases, you could end up paying more. There are three elements that we recommend looking at before signing a leasing contract: costs, improved efficiency and time.

Cost is what you will pay. This covers cost per copy, toner, insurance, overages, service contract and cost per copy. While a low cost per copy can make up for the loss of revenue in other areas, you should understand your total monthly expenses before agreeing to it.

Second, you should look at whether you feel comfortable with the sales person. Does their goal seem to be to improve business efficiency. Remember: You want to accomplish your goals with the copier.

Finally, time becomes a significant factor when looking at the contract. If you have a machine that will constantly break, how fast will the company respond? No matter how cheap the cost per copy, it cannot make up for that if the technician always fails to arrive on time.