The Keys to a Fair Copier Lease

ideaWhen you choose a copier lease, there are certain keys that you need to receive a fair lease.

First, ask a lot of questions concerning it and make sure that the dealer will fight for you. They should be the key negotiator in helping you to receive a decent lease. If you smell something fishy in your lease, you want to eliminate the problem before signing. Never sign a contract if there is something that you feel uncomfortable with.

Here at our copier company, we always recommend that customers read the terms of the agreement. In addition, check with the Better Business Bureau to determine the type of leasing company that you are dealing with.

If you see a lot of complaints, then don’t walk, run. Also, if you see no reviews at all, you should run the other direction. In some cases, a copier company will threaten to sue the BBB if they do not remove the countless complaints against them. Receiving a fair copier lease comes down to looking before you leap. You do not want to jump into a copier lease blindly. That is the biggest key to a fair lease.