leasing a copier

The Copier – an Unsung Hero of the Office

By Marketing Group / January 18, 2014 / Comments Off on The Copier – an Unsung Hero of the Office

Copiers are exceedingly important to any business. Just think of all of the documents that you print in a day. The average office or small business will print invoices, presentations, important business documents and a range of other documents that are needed by employees and customers. While copiers are essential, they are far from unbreakable.…

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Why Purchase? Lease Instead

By Marketing Group / December 7, 2013 / Comments Off on Why Purchase? Lease Instead

Go with a Lease Instead of Purchase¬† It can be difficult in these economic times to give up a large amount of cash for an office equipment purchase outright. Who has that kind of cash lying around? And you don’t want to tangle up your credit in a purchase like a copier or printer, because…

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