Should I Buy or Lease a Copier??

Banner-Copier-GalYou would think with a website name like Cheyenne Copier, we would suggest everyone lease copiers all the time.  It is just not the case.  There are specific times where buying a copier makes more sense, and other times where Leasing makes more sense.

For example. today I was chatting with a potential client and they wanted to lease a copier that only cost $1000.  Their reasoning was they wanted an all-inclusive plan.  but leasing isn’t necessary for a plan like what they want.

Let’s go over the details of a lease so you can get an idea of how it all works.

First, a copier lease is simply a method to finance a copier.  Not to be overly simplistic.  The reason a lease normally comes with maintenance is because a lease company requires that the equipment is maintained.  So there is no choice.  With a purchase, you can choose to cover the copier with the same kind of plan as if you leased it, or you can decide you don’t want to cover the copier under a maintenance plan.

Let’s say this is the situation —

Copier = $4000

Supplies and Service Plan = 1.5 cents a black and white copy and 9 cents a color copy (these rates are a little high, but it doesn’t matter because this is just an example. – Say it is $60 a month.

So, you could buy the copier for the $4000 or you could lease for approx $80 a month for 5 years ($4800 + papaerwork fees)

So you are paying $800 to $1000 for interest which isn’t totally terrible, it is less than 10% APR.

Then you have the cost per print plan.  If you bought the copier, you could just sign up for the cost per print plan by itself, $60 a month in this example.


Advantages to leasing a copier

Doesn’t take all your cash flow

Expects a refresh


Disadvantages to leasing a copier

There is paperwork fees that will add a few hundred extra bucks

You have to pay interest

Harder to switch out of later


We hope you will give us a chance to explain copiers to you and copier leasing anywhere in the USA.