San Antonio Copier Leasing

Banner-Copier-GalCopier Leasing in San Antonio

When you’ve chosen a copier lease for your San Antonio business, you can expect to receive an offer to upgrade when your lease term is coming to a close, usually within the last six months or so. That’s because the amount left, in addition to maintenance fees, leaves contract liability for the leasing company. Rather than risk you finding a new deal elsewhere, they offer you the upgrade.

The reason your San Antonio copier leasing company is willing to do that is to secure your continued business. Most companies who are coming up to the end of their contract will start shopping around for a new copier and ask for quotes from multiple suppliers. To keep you from leaving your current company, they offer to upgrade you, ensuring the lost money is recovered. This gives them an edge over the competition, because they’re starting at an advantage.

For competitors to offer you a similar deal, they would have to find a way to make up the lost revenue that your current San Antonio copier leasing supplier can put into your new copier. That’s not easy to do. However, you’re probably better off not taking the upgrade and saving yourself interest.