Reasons to Lease, and Not to Lease a Copier

Leasing_GraphicA Guide to Copier Leasing

The copy machine in today’s fast paced business world is the epicenter of an office’s central nervous system. With medium sized offices easily averaging twenty to thirty thousand copies per month, picking the right machine is paramount. Perhaps even more important than the multitude of multi-function capabilities now available in copier selections, the biggest question facing business owners and corporations is whether to lease or buy.Reasons to Lease
Out of Pocket Expense Savings – The initial cost for medium to large scale copiers can be in the tens of thousands of dollars.
Rapid Depreciation – High capacity copiers depreciate rapidly after about four to five years of service.
Technical Support – Leasing generally includes free, on-call service support to get your machine back up running in case of emergencies. (Of course the same service plan can be purchased apart from a lease, but most people view leasing as a way to ensure this part isn’t shot down by bosses because with a lease it is required, with a purchase it is optional).

Reasons to Buy
Difficulty Opting Out – As with any binding contract, leases can be incredibly difficult to break.
Minimal Level of Usage – If your office does not require a high capacity copier, smaller multi-function machines are available for purchase that could better suit your needs.
Length of Lease – Leases are designed to cover both the lessee and leaser and are set for certain lengths of time regardless of changes in business practice or reduction in usage.

There are benefits to both leasing or buying depending on your office needs. It is important to weigh these benefits against possible disadvantages before making a decision. Hopefully this copier leasing guide’s informative breakdown was helpful towards your ultimate resolution.