No More TL;DR (too long; didn’t read)

TLDRs! Well, we have all been there, no? So, you get that article or report and say it in your mind, “I’ll read it at some later time,” and that time never comes. In the current world, where there is content everywhere, we do not have enough time to read everything that comes our way.

What if we said that you can compact your article in the form of a summary using your Xerox VersaLink or AltaLink device? You can scan the document into your ConnectKey enabled device, and it will transform it into an easier-to-read summary. So, in other words, you have an app for making a summary of that long, painful to read report. 

The Xerox Summarizer App

This application is known as the Xerox Summarizer application. It can help you free up time and allows you to go through the salient features of the document. Xerox has used the artificial intelligence technology from one of its partners, SummarizeBot to create this product. 

With this SummarizeBot app, you can get two different types of summaries. You can get extractive summaries that are the reduced by focusing on key sentences. There is also an abstractive summary that is a concise interpretation of the document. The latter type of summary will read better, and it will have some words and phrases that were in the original documents. The prior type of summary only has the important sentences from the text of the document. 

Choice of Language and Size

Extraction is available in all languages, while Abstractive summary is only available in English. So, the decision is yours to make! If you decide to go for an extractive summary, you have a few other options. First, you can pick the size of your summary, ranging between 5 percent to 90 percent of the original. If you are unsure what is the better option, you can get a quick preview from the app to view the results using different percentages. 

You can buy or lease different Xerox copiers that can summarize those long articles for you. No more TL;DR from now on! Call Cheyanne Copier today!