Lease Tips – Cheyenne Copier

Purchasing an asset such as a copier requires a significant financial investment. If it would impact your operational capital budget, then you should avoid making such a purchase. Most businesses are better off leasing a copier rather than buying one. A lease would contain all the information that you need for maintenance and accessories as well as the return of the item. A quality MFP copier machine is considered a luxury item, and they are quite expensive if you are buying one. They cost about as much as a new car. Like most people in the world, they usually purchase a car through a loan or finance deal. If you purchase a copier outright, you might be better off getting a low interest loan so that your business has room to breathe, especially if you are a startup.

Whether you pay for your accessories, add-ons, and consumables are dictated by the terms of your contract. If there is only a limited amount of capital, ask for a lease. It is cost efficient and gives your organization room to breathe and expand. Ask your accounting department what the next best step would be as far as buying versus leasing a copier. Leases come with a tax deductible for the exact amount that you paid rather than depreciating when the asset is owned by the business.