Keys to a Fair Copier Lease

LadyCommunication Key to a Good Lease

Before choosing a copier lease, understand that you will have to live with your dealer’s service department for three to five years. If you are not satisfied with how the technicians do their job, that can be a lengthy period. In the years that we have been in business, we have learned a lot about the customer and service technician relationship. Communication takes the driver’s seat. You will need it for scheduling appointments and getting a major repair accomplished. Good technicians keep customers updated during the process.

A copier lease requires that you ask a certain number of questions to ascertain the type of company you are dealing with. For example, ask about the skill level and training the service technicians have. A good company keeps their technicians informed and sends them away for classes on occasion. However, dealers that have an on-site trainer will guarantee an even higher level of competency. This is because on-site trainers give technicians the most up-to-date technical information available.

Also, ask if their technicians have been certified to maintain and repair the equipment. While learning firsthand can be valuable, every machine will be different. Each machine will require a specialized knowledge gained from a dedicated manufacturer or trainer. Ask how long their technicians have been with the leasing company. While everyone starts new to their job at some point, if the majority of their technicians have not been with the company long, that could be a red flag. Before you sign a lease, you want to understand the company that you will be getting involved with. Our reputable company leases Xerox copiers at an affordable price, and we provide our customers with friendly and knowledgeable technicians who have experience on the job.