How Does Automatic Information Capturing Work?

How come so many companies still function generally despite doing tons of paperwork? How do they manage all the content they have to produce and scan?

The answer is Xerox’s Capture & Content services. Integrated with AI and machine learning models, this service enables automatic information capturing. 

Intelligent capturing and capture management lends you higher customer satisfaction ratings. This is possible through the CRM and ECM integrations that make customer management a whole lot easier.

Here’s what Xerox Capture & Content Services have done for companies so far:

  • A unified management platform that’s available 24/7. 
  • An 86% increase in turnaround times to boost customer ratings. 
  • It has halved the time that it takes to process a document. 
  • All business processes have become fully automated and digitized. 

Change The Way You Capture Information:

Xerox Capture & Content Services help companies grow and utilize information efficiently. Here’s what this service can do for you:

  • Comprehensive tools for automatically capturing vital data from hard copies.
  • Extract text from physical documents using intelligent character recognition. 
  • Automate complex business workflows. 
  • Secure confidential documents with automated record-keeping. 
  • An intuitive browser-based working that enables freedom of access. 

Take The Leap Today and Go Digital:

  • Be the one in charge of your business workflows through automation and digitization.
  • Manage records intelligently and stay compliant with local regulations.
  • Deliver vital data quickly and safely to its destination. 
  • Get centralized searching capabilities for managing departments. 
  • Keep data secure through cloud-based storage and role-based access. 

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