Finding Value in your Copier lease

Copier leases are expensive contracts. They go on for years and can really add to your monthly budget. However, you are actually getting a lot of services that you might not even be aware of. Getting the most from a copier lease is all about knowing what you are paying for, and making sure that you are seeing the benefits from those services.

Look through your lease closely and see what you are paying for. You will find that it’s not just the machine itself that you are paying for. There may be a number of services that are built into your lease that you are not taking advantage of. If you look at these services then you might start to see that you have more lease than you realized.

  • Continued maintenance. You could have an maintenance professional come through just to check that your machine is working well. This helps ensure your machine’s health as well as helping you avoid possible bigger problems down the road.
  • Consumable Contracts. Your leasing company will be able to get your consumables for a much cheaper price than you could on your own. Going through your leasing company with a consumables contract can greatly reduce monthly costs.
  • Managed Print services. This is a great way to keep track of everything that goes on with your office copier. You can monitor all activity and find areas to save money.
  • Upgrades. Just being on a lease with your specific copier leasing company can give you access to things like upgrades. Don’t just assume that a problem can’t be fixed. You don’t know what your leasing company can do for you until you ask.

Copier leases are more than just getting you a working office machine. A good copier leasing company can become an essential partner for your business if you get a good contract. Don’t write your copier contract off. Find the value within it to unlock to poentional of your business.