Difference Between a FMV or $1 Out Copier Lease

Leasing_GraphicIf you have been looking at a copier lease, you may have been getting quotes and some may say $1 out Lease, and others say FMV lease.  What is the difference between a $1 Out copier lease and a FMV copier lease?

$1 Out Lease – A $1 Out lease is kind of what it sounds like.  At the end of your equipment lease, you pay a $1 and you own the copier. Essentially this is a financing option for your copier.  It is generally the way we recommend to lease a copier because if the copier is working great, you can keep using it without paying crazy rates to your copier lease company to continue using the copier.  You also don’t have to pay for the freight to get the old copier back to the leasing company.

FMV Copier Lease – This lease means the leasing company gets to determine what they believe the Fair Market Value is on the copier you are leasing at the end of the term and if you want to keep using the copier, you have to pay that amount.  If you don’t want to pay that, you have to pay the freight to send the copier back to the leasing company.

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