Copier Leasing in Washington DC

Banner-Copier-GalCopier Leases in Washington D.C

It pays to read the fine print when you’re shopping for a copier lease in Washington, D.C. Because competition is increasing among copier leasing companies, and consumers are becoming savvier when it comes to finding the best deal, there’s a practice that can cost you extra if you’re not aware.This practice is padding the lease rate factor of your contract. What happens is that the copier leasing company offers a rate to the copier dealer. In turn, the dealer will offer a slightly higher rate to you, allowing them to obtain a monthly increase for which they’re not required to pay commission. The amount can add up, sometimes providing the dealer with an extra $1,000 over the course of a lease.

To keep this from happening to you when you’re shopping copier leases in Washington, D.C., ask to see the actual lease rate factor from the leasing company. Because the sales representatives are aware of the padding practice, they’ll frequently offer your company a lower equipment cost, presuming they’ll make up the difference with the boosted lease rate. When you ask to see the lease rates, they’ll have to match what the leasing company offers.