Copier Leasing – Copiers vs Printers

Banner-Copier-GalIt is a myth in the copier leasing and printer war that copiers are more cost efficient than laser printers. That is true, copiers are cheaper, but it can be false as well. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) must be computed, and it is essential to include all components of the process to its most accurate estimate. There are things to consider when it comes to copier leasing or ownership or copier services. Things to consider are the cost of owning/leasing the copier, cost per print, power costs, maintenance costs, cartridges, etc.

A lot of people do not factor the appropriate components towards the TCO or Return On Investments (ROI). For instance, it might be illogical to compare two copiers in a cost per print vs a cost per print. Just because there is a lower cost per print for one copier than the other does not mean that it will be cheaper or more effective than the latter. What if the copier that produces a higher cost per print was a thousand dollars cheaper than the copier that produces a print for 10 cents less? Almost all different copiers have different power costs, toner costs, and per print costs.