Cheyenne Copier – Laser vs Digital vs Inkjet

Laser copiers are quite popular with most businesses because they are lightning fast, and the toner supplies are cheaper than their digital and inkjet counterparts. Laser copiers provide high quality documents.

Digital printers and copiers also make up the majority of devices you see in business organizations. Digital often means that it has an internal scanner as well. In most business environments, scanning is a requirement. Contemporary times call for contemporary measures that include the ability to send contracts, documents, and marketing collateral via email attachments. These machines are ideal for when a business wants to store contracts and other sensitive templates on a network for record keeping purposes.

Inkjets are just a bad idea; especially if you run a business or organization. The main reason it is a bad idea is because it costs so much that it would break the bank. These MFPs are good for the home, but bad for anyplace that uses any number of employees. There are no real practicalities in utilizing an inkjet printer to meet business needs; budget wise or applicability. Inkjet prints cost approximately $.06 per page, and inkjet cartridges have low capacity. They print slow and cost more.