Communication Leads to Better Services

Creepy-SalesAfter you have signed a lease, you will have to live with your dealer’s service department for at least three years. This is why our company recommends that customers communicate better to understand what they will receive in advance.

Communication leads to better customer to business relationships. Assessing a company’s communication skills upfront may be challenging at first, but it is better to learn about a company’s communication practices in advance.

First, ask if the service technicians will have the skill and training to help you. We will often send our own technicians in for classes from time to time because the office technology industry is constantly advancing. You have to stay up to date on the latest advances if you will stay competitive.

Second, ask if the technicians have been certified for the repairs and equipment they service. While on-the-job learning is fantastic, you do not want that to be the case every time they send out a technician. That leads to lost time and productivity.

Your technician should already have reached a certain level of knowledge that can help you with the easy to medium-sized service problems.