Benefit by Leasing a Copier

Banner-Copier-GalLease a Copier and You’ll Benefit

It’s a no-brainer to lease a copier vs. purchase one for your office these days. Why? There are several reasons, not the least of which is to save you money. Through monthly leasing payments that you can easily handle, leasing is an affordable option because you’re not tying up all your available cash in one purchase. Plus, when you buy a copier, you’re stuck with that model until you decide to upgrade at your own expense. When you lease, you can upgrade when the lease term expires, giving you the option of staying relevant in the business world.

Owning your own business comes with lots of costs, from operational expenditures to staffing. Leasing your copier gives you some money back at the end of the year come tax time, as you can deduct that lease expense on your taxes. Keep your credit line open for more important things, too, and save the credit for when you really need to rely on it. Keep the debt off your balance sheets to benefit your company when it comes time to secure additional business funding. Leasing an all-in-one, black and white, laser, or multifunction copier is a smart financial move when you need to do the best for your business.